I work on 5 things at one time.
If I get up from my desk...on my way to find something...which
half way to my destination I forget what it is I am looking for...
and I get distracted by....a project half finished on the ironing board...
or I'll do a little picking up, that leads to...oh what's in this box
and so on and so on.
So Friday I am finishing up some new ideas for Bunnies Spring 2012.
And making a T-shirt to wear today.  This is a T that I bought
at Anthropologie.  I loved the loose, (aka...hide tummy) uneven hemline
and soft material of this shirt.  I bought 2, then they went on sale for $10.00
so I bought 3 more.
This T shirt was white...I dyed it orange.  Later I put a patch on it
that said, " LUCKY ". But I put it on crooked...that bugged me.
So I tried taking the patch off.  No go... I ended up cutting a hole in the shirt.


I just cut out the whole patch and put this on there.  A collaged shirt.

 That is a scan onto fabric of my mom, aunt and their cousin.
Here is the back of the neck.
I covered the button, sewed it on, then pounded
it down with a hammer so it is flat.  The fabric is 
from a vintage quilt.

P.S ( I find clothing that I love.  In the fashion world it will only be around
for a few months.  Some of these include sweats from Lucky Brand. 
 A super soft long maternity t-shirt from Target. A 2 layer in front super-super 
soft T from Lucky. I have worn all these so much that I have to dye them to
hide stains, embroider over holes, patch, embellish...make those sweats into skirts
just play around essentially to give them new life.


Marilyn said...

Oh I hadn't thought of dyeing the t's to cover up stains. What a great idea. Love seeing the scanned picture too. $10. t's at Anthropology? Wow! I must go look, love that store but not the prices. I have discovered the sales. I actually knocked off a top I saw in there a few months ago and loved it. I cost me about $2. to copy and make with fabric I already had.
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Kathy Martin said...

Fabulous idea! I LOVE it!

Brenda said...

Grammy is a fashionista! Great style.