I think this is the coolest site I have ever discovered.
It is a site where you can catalog all the great things
that you discover on the web.  But, also view all
the amazing finds of other like minded people.
It is 100 times better than doing a google search in
images, as far as quality goes.  
Here is a great toy truck I found on etsy.
so I "pinned it to my boards". You
just put the PIN IT link in your bookmark 
bar and click...it is saved.

Check it out.
Discovery of this great site was 
found via
He finds amazing things!


Marilyn said...

I am totally enjoying pinterest. I was skeptical at first and slow to join in on the fun.

GardenofDaisies said...

I've been slowly learning what pinterest is. I think it's a GREAT way to save all those ideas you come across when you are browsing the web.