Sam visit

We had a Sam weekend.

He can say...mama,dada, meow, all gone, uh-oh,
more, up,
 roar like a dinosaur,
 give hugs, (which
doesn't include arms)
shake his head yes and no.
He likes to organize the pantry,
 sweep, empty drawers,
take his new boots off and on, a lot!
 Put hats on, and off
 Climb anything,
 but new favorite is in and out of the high chair,
  and play with the clasp...which he needs help with...we did
that at least a 100 times.
 Still loves to chill and cuddle...
when he isn't running.
Loves to sweep and mop.
A walk to the park...we saw lots of ducks.

 Likes to put on his own hats.  This one he prefers over 
his eyes...and walks around bumping into stuff.

Max got lots of hugs.  Grampa 0.


Marilyn said...

How fun to have a visit with Sam. He is a cutie!

l.wilks11 said...

Funny how the love of a child brightens up your day. I know as i spent Sunday with my two little grandchildren and came away feeling like i had won the pools....