Why am I getting up at 1:00 AM?

I have been getting up at 1:00 AM 
and working until 8:00 PM.
I have projects...that I can't wait to get to.
Besides meetings at work and getting
ready for our 25th anniversary sale 
at Bunnies November 5th.
I am getting ready for the country living show
next week.
Since I won't be here for my sisters birthday,
and I did nothing for her last year,
I decided to decorate her office.
Here is an overall.
I printed in black and white
family pictures.
We had this great old ladder I used
to hang pictures on.
  And wire racks
and bins to hold paperwork.

Here is a picture of her, I drew, using a cute
2nd grade picture of her.

 School pictures I sewed to vintage playing cards and
framed.  Took the corner tabs from an old
family album.

These are roses I dried and taped to her
window with old family pictures next to them.

This is a mobil of watercolor painted stars that I 
hung from a wire vase I cut up...added a light.

A vintage irish linen tea towel made into a pillow.

On her windows I put these  beagle ribbons.
A bunny doll in a vintage dress and roller skates.

 A t shirt I found in my repurposed basket, I 
did an image transfer of Bea, her beagle.
And the side panels are the sleeves of an old
flannel shirt.  
I had collected beagle contest ribbons, a 1906 book, titled
"Suzanne".  And the beagle t towel.  Other than
that, everything was just laying around my studio.
Every time she went in her room,
there was something new.


Jody Battaglia said...

"A Sister is a Forever Friend"
You two are lucky to share your lives together.
Have packing for Atlanta fun, Jody

Marilyn said...

How special! I would love it if someone did that for me. What a kind and creative sister she has.