Oh my gosh, I am overwhelmed!

Our big birthday sale was a huge success.
We had some delightful bunny collectors show up.
It was actually the CAT collectors that showed up first.
Kitties were first out the door.
And Halloween, almost all gone.

So here is first mate Tad
in green mohair, waiting for 
someone to love him.

Ginger Bunny.
Our take on a gingerbread boy,
in mohair.

We were pretty much wiped out...
But, we have more.
You can read this, and find more one of a kind
Archive bunnies here....
We will be pulling out more bunnies
and getting them online...so keep in touch.
We will also have them here at our workshop
in Anacortes, if you want to see them in
person.  Mon-Fri...9:30-4:00.

And thank-you all for coming to our
25th Birthday party. 


sjmcdowell said...

Hi Krys,

So happy that the 25th. Birthday party was a huge success!!

Congratulations and Hugs,


Shell said...

Shut UP! Too cute!

I think I've already told you my sis in law owns QUITE a few of the "First" Bunnies!

The new additions are darling! I hope you had a great gathering Krys! Miss you!

So funny that I should read this today,,,,after looking at the little bird your made me hanging on the handle of my French Cabinet!

I've been busy than a Bee,,,,,,making things for Joyworks, other upcoming events and Shows!

I'm having a little Giveaway,,,,,a Custom lace neckace. You'll have to scroll down through a couple of my posts to enter (I'm not puter savvy enough to figure the linky thingy out!) But If you want to enter, come on BY!

Truly? I don't think we can do Anything as a Major group till after the 1st of the year,,,,,,BUT I want to work/plan a gathering of kindred minds/spirits and artists locally in the spring...There are SO many local talents,,,,,and just have a girls time,,,,maybe some classes. Thinkin' on it! Let me know if you have any input!

Hugs and love to you always! And...LOL, if you don't do anything else, you should stop by and read my last post on my blog and a "Artist's Serenity Prayer." I think you'll relate,,,,,and pass it on! :P


Jody Battaglia said...

Hello Krys...I hear your voice when I read your words. I hear your positivity and excitement. How nice of you all to share. I miss you also. Let's get together and play "Let's Pretend."
Have silly "archive hunting" fun, Jody

Marilyn said...

Congratulations on a successful sale and 25 years. Oh how I would have loved seeing all those sweet things as they departed in the loving arms of their new owners.