Home again

We made it home.
New York at Christmas is pretty cool.
Also, really busy and crowded.
The weather was beautiful, sunny and not
all that chilly.  People were eating lunch outside.
We walked into Macy's...and right out again.
It was crazy and frantic.
Three years ago...we decided not to exchange gifts.
It is so amazing how it releases all the tension of trying to find
the perfect gift.  We enjoy the holidays without all the
headache of shopping.  We will get Sam presents, because
Christmas is all about children.  Adults...we have everything
we need.  So we will spend time together, eat, chill and just 
enjoy family time.
Here are a few 
Pictures from NY.

Rockefeller Center

Chelsea market

Store windows


This is all paper cuts!


Marilyn said...

Oh I love seeing the windows in NY. Have a totally delightful Christmas chilling with family and friends.

Diane said...

Glad you made it home safe Krys! What a GRAND idea, to release that extra pressure from each other and not exchange gifts! Yes, Christmas presents really are for the children. May you have a blessed Christmas...and Happy New Year!