Baby Shower

I made this for a shower gift.
This is a little outfit I bought
...added the felt bird.

Here is the card,
going with a tweet theme.

 Here are the 2 outfits...tweeked and we made
a new hat.
 Designed this outfit.
It is a soft Japanese knit with mushrooms.
I appliqued the larger mushrooms.
The fabric is a vintage gingham linen from
an old pillow.  And the stems are alphabet letters.
Hand stitched it all on, so you see the stitching.

Girls are fun to design for.
And the last outfit will be in the bunny line
for fall, hopefully.  Not mushrooms but
a something a little more relative to 
Cricket Island.

1 comment:

Marilyn said...

My heart just melts seeing these sweet little baby things. Love the little felt birds so much.