Busy in the Studio

I have been busy in the studio today.
My sister threaten to take a picture
of my mess. 
 After the photo shoot with
 Jo.  It is back to my normal 
messy self.

These are shadow boxes.

  And this is a tiny little bunny.
About 3".
That's all.  So far.


Marilyn said...

Your art always gives me a smile. I love all these bunnies so much.

rkbsnana said...

So sweet

Deb said...

Adorable little shadow boxes Krys!
And bunny is so sweet ♥

Alanna said...

I met you a couple years ago when you were at The Creative Connection with your booth. (I am sure you don't remember me, but I was super pregnant...) For some reason I always smile when I think of the Hutch booth! I love your work, it is super inspiring. My 7 yr old is in love with bunnies and she recently told me she wants to be a graphic artist when she grows up and own a store that sells only bunny things. We went online and looked at Bunnies By the Bay and she was in love. I just discovered your blog and we will have to look at it when she gets home from school today.

Do you sell the shadow boxes with the bunnies? Wishing I lived nearby and could come by Hutch for a visit!

Alanna George - www.alannageorge.com