Palm Springs

My sister and I are in Palm Springs,
with our mom, aunt and uncle.
Really...I have so much going on I 
should not have come.  But...in the end
family is important and I want to be with
them.  We have been invited year after year
and never came.  This time...I just felt we 
need to do this.  It has been great.  Last night
we cuddled up on the couch and watched the
grammy awards. I stayed up until 11:00!!!
It was nurturing, familiar and fun.
Laying on the couch next to my mom
I felt 12 years old again.

Did you hear the 
 The Civil Wars on the grammies?
First thing this morning I downloaded 
their music.  Listening right now.

And just for giggles I found this saved 
on my desk top.


Marilyn said...

Palm Springs with family sounds like just the perfect things to do.

Gave my gift from Bunnies by the Bay to my daughter and her boyfriend last night. They just kept sitting there looking at with with tears in their eyes. It was so sweet to see them so in awe of little baby things.

Diane said...

I loved them too Krys! That is the first time I had heard them...and they were fabulous =) Loved the show too...sigh.

Diane said...
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