My house is going back on the market

I am putting my beach house 
back on the market.
It is a small (1400 sq. ft.)
 quaint and beach y.

Cozy up by the fire.
 The drive home is along Similk Beach golf course.
My front yard.

This is the great room, kitchen, den, dining room
all in one...600 sq. ft.

Cozy...clean...comfortable and quiet.


gretchen said...

are you sure that you didn't leave a zero or some other number off the price?

andrea creates said...

it's beautiful!

zoyaagray said...

I read your post. I like all your home image. Dining room is so nice and useful. Home is most important part in every person's life.

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Marilyn said...

It is gorgeous!

dejoslin said...

Lucky lady! I'd love it as my fulltime home but I live in England.