Increíble viaje a la Ciudad de México!!!

Our trip to Mexico City 
for the Wedding of our most special
friend Yadhira...was
We three stressed big time about our 
attire...and to put it mildly we were
seriously underdressed.

 When we arrived at
the wedding site it was surrounded by
paparazzi, fans and bodyguards.
Held at a 16th century former monastery,
completely transformed into the most romantic
wedding site imaginable.
Greeted with huge bouquets of roses, (over 500,000 roses in all)
 we signed the guest book, were given our table numbers
 and ushered  Out into an open courtyard filled
with candles from floor to ceiling we made our way to
the perfect row of chairs in the very back of the cathedral.

Just a hint at how many roses there were.

I took this picture before anyone arrived. We sat in the last row.
  Yadhira winked at Jeanne when she walked up the aisle.
See the choir up in the balcony.

Here is our table. #6

The wall and chandelier are covered in roses.

Did I mention, fireworks?

 Here is the fountain full of rose pedals and candles.

A gorgeous actor...

Julio Iglesias gave a concert,

You can see some of the concert by following this link

It was a cross between William and Kate's wedding, Maudi Gras, Fireworks
show on the 4th of July, Rock concert and a Feast fit for kings and queens.
We did not get to bed until 5:00 a.m.  Last guests to leave ...7:30 a.m.


Here we are the next day at a small barbeque at their home for
120 family and US.

With Mariachi bands
Whole roasted pigs, a huge 
grill for making homemade tortillas,
and the food went on and on.
Even her mama and great aunties
drank tequila shots while listening 
to Mariachi.  (It's a rule)
Yadhira is so natural, she showed up
at her family barbecue...2 hours of sleep,
no makeup and danced and sang. We were 
so blessed to witness such a loving family.
Aunties and cousins hugging and kissing.
Daughters singing songs of love to their mother.
We laughed and cried, danced and sang.
It went on until midnight.
Here is a card I did for her.
It was part of a vintage chinese lacquer box
filled with memento's and a piece of red string.
That we tied on her wrist, and then everyone's
to show we are all connected.

The next day we visited Yadhira's store,
of which she carries Bunnies By The Bay.

Then lunch at a 5 STAR restaurant
She had to leave for her honeymoon
at 6:00.  We stayed until 11:00 with
her sister and cousins.
5 Margarita's later

OOOHHHHH suffered the next day
while flying home.
Really a once in a lifetime experience.
There was so much more ...


Marilyn said...

My what an experience! Gorgeous! Wow! So happy you could be there for this celebration. That cake was amazing too.

sjmcdowell said...

Wow Krys...What a wonderful and exciting trip you have had!
What an incredible and beautiful wedding!!
Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures!!
I am sure this will be a wedding to remember by all.