I made this today for some friends 
that just had a baby girl.
A little duck, and a picture
of the ...duck.

And this is the card.

Jeanne told me once that making a gift for
someone in mind, makes it easier to get 
creative.  Well...since I made this little duck
I have made 3 more, a bird and a bunny.
And I always make mistakes, always.
When I made the bunny.  I looked at it and
thought something isn't right. I had put wings
on it!  Jeez.  I also forgot to put the legs on
the birds, so had to go back and stitch on by hand.
Lovin it.  But not the mess.
Tomorrow is friday...pick it up off 
the floor day.

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Marilyn said...

What a lucky baby to receive this very special gift.