Hutch Studio

I had to look for some pictures yesterday
for a Bunny project I am working on. Unfortunately
they were not on my computer so I had to look at
one of my external hard drives.  And looking among the
thousands of pictures I have I found these.
This is a cardboard boat Chris made to hold
some soft nautical bunnies I made.

This is "the book"  of whirligigs Chris has made.

Handmade plush by us.

Old and new together.

I made these as a table decoration for a lunch we hosted.

 Chris made these chairs for our bunny room.
Recycled cardboard.

This light turns from the heat of the bulb.

Idea for a pull-toy for the baby line.

Picture frame from cardboard.  Bunny art, "distressed."

Our new bunny room.  Furniture is cardboard.

Spring window paper cut outs

And here he is...
Chris Theiss, artist extraordinaire.

Check it out here.


Marilyn said...

I do believe I pinned some of these pictures from you pintrist pictures. Love the bunny room.

alane said...

your work is extraordinary ...like I just wanna be in the picture. keep creating my friend...