We spent about 3 hours drawing
ourselves.  We did this on the first 
day also.  So we have a comparison.
Pretty good for novices.

Here are a couple of  examples...

the engineering type...

quote, "I will be your 
waterloo. I cannot draw."

I think he did amazing!

A talented lady from
Great style.

Lovely gal... from 
Wonderful interpretation.

This is me.
I really didn't think I did to
bad on my original drawing.
When he pulled it out I was

We all had our own personal reasons for
taking the class. 
  I think many of us will look at the world
 through different eyes.
See and appreciate the...
"negative spaces". 
And learn more
 about the
  artists that inspire us... to keep drawing.

 I know I came out of the class
thinking....I want to learn more.
Next up.....
photoshop 101

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LillySue said...

Wow~ Your drawing looks great! I love your parade shots, how fun! Have a safe trip home.

My verification code was (sneezes)
it's funny because I sneezed A LOT this morning, heehe!