I Am At The Ace Hotel

To the Newly opened
in New York.

I am so happy...
 because I have...
at the other place...great view
15.00 a day to use internet...
which I refused to do.
Had to use my ATT, which sucked.
my blackberry and internet
did not like the 51st floor.

Remember my view from the Hilton?
This is more of what I am use to.
Welcome to midtown.
Two...frosted windows in the room...
This is why...

Just a reference for you...
my previous view...
But it was in the financial district...

Here is my security system...oh I guess not 
quite finished yet.  Have I mentioned they
have only been open a week?

I had to ask for another light.  I like
black and white...I just needed to be able 
to see.

Murial on the wall....woman sleeping
which was me...
the room across the hall, {3 feet}  
 woke me ... when they brought their
party home...at 4:00a.m. 
They... Got down till 5:30 this morning. 
 Saw all 5 very loud
women leave then...with all the by...by...see ya
by.bybybybybybybyby's in the hallway.
One very happy young and "hip" man was standing in the doorway.

They were very nice at the front desk. When 
they told me my room wasn't quite ready yet.
I got in at 7:00 p.m.  So I waited in the "bar"
was served a plastic party cup of red wine for 9.00.
Got in trouble for taking pictures.  They have an 
exclusive  blah blah blah.....
I love the ACE in Portland....I think all the
people have been very nice....and 
I am glad to be here.
It's so nice to have internet.......
I can post and post and post.....

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