our Catholic school girl alumni.
When I showed this picture to Anne
I asked her if she would ever do anything
 like this...She said no, she would be 
the girl in the very back, cheering.

Still in the same neighborhood...the financial
district.  The oldest Catholic church in New York.

I will have to go to another area to find
my roots.  Where are all those Irish fishermen
and fisherwives? This is a picture of some
of my dad's crewmen, in the early 60's

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koralee said...

Oh you lucky girl..New York..we were there last Aug...i love that city....Ground O was very emotional for us...looks like you are seeing lots...oh how i love your image of the bunny...a very good sign for you indeed...have fun with your art class...make sure you get to Greenwich Village..the little shops are adorable!