This is my 2nd day.
I left the hotel with my 
Not out the door 2 minutes and
walked right into St. Paul's 
At first, I just thought it was
a historic site of 

But when I went inside...
I realized, (because I didn't 
read the plaque) it was also
dedicated to the men of women of 911

Inside it was dark...Most of the
pictures I took, did not turn out.
Here is shows just how old it is.

This is the picture that made me cry.
There were quite a few people inside, 
many of them had tears also.
What made me cry was not as much those
that perished. I felt the goodness of 
compassion.  People helping and caring and
loving each other.
There were pictures of exhausted men who 
would come to the chapel and sleep on 
the wooden pews.  That this little church 
that sits directly across the street from
the twin towers, could offer
 refuge and solace for those that
cared, and gave.

This should really be a separate entry
but, having trouble uploading pictures
so when they uploaded...I went for it!

After I left there....
I mapped out my route 
to my art class.  It is a little 
less than a mile.

My Classes are at 52 Greene street.
But the neighbors door...had a lot
more character.

A few blocks away is
 Pearl Art & Craft.
It is 6 floors of cool
art supplies.  On the 
5th floor were the pencils,
which I needed. And the
erasers were on the 2nd floor.

On my walk back,
 (14,000 steps 
and screamin feet by the way.)
I ran into...yes Snowball.
I take this as a very good 

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