Is this
I can see this in my tiny house.

I think The most fun I ever
had as a kid was playing in
a cardboard house.
I liked to decorate even then.

This attic bedroom is

A make believe world.
That is what kids are great at
just living in the world they want.
I think I'll try that.
Actually....I'm on my way.


koralee said...

Thats all I want my home to be warm...cozy and full of love! You really do not need anything more...space is just something you have to clean! xoxoxo

Prancing Pixie Studio said...

I could so put that little stove in the Vintage RV Holly and I want to find and restore! We want to do an old trailer so we can pull our little home to new and beautiful places. I want each item we put in it to be special, since there will be so little room!