becoming grand

Wise women
a great visual diary
of women who have aged wisely.

I am working on this.
I wanted to show you a picture
of a woman who when you look
into her face you see years of wisdom...
to pass down to a grandchild.
I found out yesterday, I am
going to be a first time Grandma.

We all knew it was on the horizon, but when
it happens, your surprised. It is such
a blessing and a humbling experience.
I want to be a wise, fun, lovely to the
bone granny.

On the other hand,
my daughter-in-law is
miserably puking her guts
out right now. That little
baby, (the size of an olive)
is making quite an entrance
already....ahhhhh a grand child
my own


Tracey said...

Woo hoo!! Congrats...how wonderful for you!!!

:) T

Anonymous said...

I know we don't know one another, but I've just recently started following your blog, and may I say "Congratulations!" This is very, very happy news that makes every woman smile.

Also, as more and more white hair is added to my head, I'm thinking that not dying my hair has definitely made me wiser. Just thought I'd share this in case you want to add that to your wise granny file. :)

Enjoy your happy day,

Prancing Pixie Studio said...

What wonderful new thoughts to fill your mind. Of sweet baby cheeks to kiss and soft baby clothes to save. The first attempts made to say Gwammy!

Debi Ward Kennedy said...

Oh Krys, congratulations to you, to your son and his wife, to the whole family! What a joyous happening!

And welcome to the Grannyhood!
There is nothing like holding your grandchild for the first time... you will be amazed and humbled and overcome with love! Blessings...

Debi Ward Kennedy said...

Oh and good lord, I can only IMAGINE what an incredible BBTB nursery this little one will have! ;0)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! My grandson has redefined everything in my life. You are about to start the happiest years of your life. I promise!

Deb H said...

Grandkids are the best! And I have that book, it was a gift from the sister of the author a fellow artist friend.