Bunny Business

Bunnies By The Bay,
The company my sister and I 
started 24 years ago...
( we each had 3 kids by the way, from 3months to 8 years old)
...has had many transformations.
We have to keep reinventing ourselves.
and the
of a small business.
 (our 3rd partner and sister,)
 along with a staff of amazing artists
  and the,
even more
" business oriented people".
 ( You know who I mean...Anne, Dana.....)
are still at it,working to make 
Bunnies by the bay
The best baby gift line on the planet!

Remember her?
Not to long ago we made bunnies,
big, small, fat, ornate, plain, fancy....

We started out making bunnies,
 we live on an Island...
so... the name has a meaning.
We still have avid bunny fans out there.
I think, because we put ourselves into each
and every bunny we ever designed and produced.
But as the world turns so do markets,
so we had to come up with a new 
So...we thought
It made sense to us.
We wanted a product that is
... soft ...soft... soft...
cute, cuddly,quality
 I think what we do 
is plushy little animals.
If you don't believe me
look what I found on amazon

(the text is hard to read, so tiny...click on the text and it will get bigger, or go to 
amazon and read all the comments!!!!!!!!!
************** LOOK AT ALL THOSE STARS***********

So my point is,
If you love

....You can't wait to get up in the morning and
 DO IT....
...you love who you...
 ...WORK WITH....
Well, life doesn't get much better.
Living every moment
in a way that brings meaning and peace to
everyone you meet and everything you touch.

Oh and having fun
along the way.


Amy'svintagecottage said...

Wow! Congratulations on all of your success!We are going on our 11th year and I'm sure it's only because of the passion we have that's kept us in business through this extremely tough economy. I agree with you 100% about reinventing yourself! Great job!

新車 said...


Deb Kennedy said...

Krys, I DO remember those Bunnies! Our daughter Beth was so SMITTEN with all things BBTB - but we couldn't afford to buy the finished ones at that time. So every summer, we'd head to your Bunny BlowOut Sale in Anacortes, and root through bins and boxes and pails to find parts & pieces for her to make her her own Bunnies.

She came up with some really amazing designs of her own, even at 8, 9, 10 years old, and we sent photos to your offices. Beth was determined to become a BBTB designer one day.... until she discovered boys and horses. ;0) She still has those Bunnies!

Shelly said...


So many things to comment on here! First of all,,,,,I am a total bunny fanatic, and have been for YEARS! One Birthday at Joyworks, they gave me a "Bunny Themed Party" and let me tell you I got EVERY kind of Tacky Bunny you can imagine....the Joke was on Shell. I even got a Headpiece of sorts with a Bunny Nose and Ears.......Cute? Not!

But Clarice gave me a Ceramic Shabby Chic Garden Rabbit that I STILL have and love So!

And my Sis in Law Mary, has a TON of your original BBTB pieces.

I have always loved the Bunnies and when I started working at Joyworks, I SO loved all the cute clothes, stuffed toys and such......Your company has done a great job!

And recently? Getting to know you a bit better through your Booth, your blog, your new items, I'm honored to call you a Friend and wish you and BBTB the Best!

Happy New Year my friend, and best to YOU, the Grandbaby and the year ahead for the company!

Hugs, Love and a "Bus,"
Okay,,,,,my fingers are freezing up in the office~ Ackk~