cottage in the woods

more cottage love

way to recycle windows. If a gust of wind came
along....ohhh I don't know. But it is CUTE.

I've never thought of myself as the,
"gypsy type". More of a
hippie wanna be. I would of loved
to have been at woodstock, but the
comfort thing. Comfort is my middle
name. It is kind of a hang up really.
I have to take all the tags out of my clothes.
(Monofilament thread I think was a
weapon used for torture techniques)
Socks, worn inside out. Little cushy strap
on the seat belt. (another device used to
choke helpless drivers.) It kinda just goes on
and on. I guess why our baby things are so soft.
It's all about the FEEEEEEEELLLLLL.

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Erin said...

I totally agree with you. My sister and I walk through stores running our hands through clothes to find things that feel good. Only then will I look at style.
I also wish I'd been at Woodstock. Like you, I was just a titch too young. I'm 55 now.
I have a bunnies by the bay on my list of new products for my, about to be refreshed and changed, store in Sidney BC.
I went to La Conner a couple years ago and couldn't find you. I'll try again soon. I LOVED La Conner.