Grand time

I guess I am just in the posting mood today.
I feel good after getting 10 hours of sleep...
but the night before was a different story.
Sam and I shared an evening.
Thursday night I took over the night 
shift so mama could get some sleep.
She made me a cozy bed and Sam
was in his cozy little bed next to me...
12 inches away to be exact.
(A side note, he has colic.  So from
6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. he cried,
on and off.  Not really that bad,
he sounds like a baby tyrannosaurux rex.
He throws his head back and his little mouth
screeches.  But really, not bad at all.)  I am 
sure when his lungs get stronger  he will 
rally up some doozie screams.  Anyway...

First feeding.
Preliminary...diaper change, then feed.
Not to bad, He is the award winner for 
BIG BURPS.  Then sound asleep.
Oh, a couple of hours never went by so fast.
Grama hasn't been up this late since she was
40.  Make bottle...he guzzles like he is never
going to get any more food...ever!
Change diaper...back to sleep

Wow, where does the time go?  It's like ground hog day.
Didn't I just do this?  My eyes are a little blurry and red,
I could do a great visine commercial right now.  His are
really big and awake!  Change diaper, he pee's on me. Make bottle
eats like no tomorrow, oh back to sleep.

This is the time I normally get up.  Uh, today is not 
normal.  Today I feel groggy.  Here comes mama
to rescue me.  I tell her I feel great, I should get up.
"I can take Sam", she says.... o.k.  I lay back down...
until 8:30!

We had the rest of the day together.
Walking, a little house work.
It was a great day.  I can't wait 
until next thursday.

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