Now that things are a little settled
here.  I am helping out with 
Sam.  He is my one month old
grandson for those of you not in
the know.
Last weekend I took him for a 
walk so mama could take a 
much needed nap.
We walked to the Ballard locks.
To get there you go over a very bumpy
rope ladder that crosses over a train tress el.
This is the look I got
there is one thing that goes together like peas and carrots
Babies, walks and naps.
He gave it his best shot...
but with every bump
the eyes got heavier and heavier
out like a light.
He would try and wake up.
But just couldn't.  Do you remember
english class in high school.
No matter what...you could not
stay awake.  Well Sam and
the stoller....same thing.
Mission accomplished,
mama and baby much needed rest.


Gail said...

priceless :)

Lindsay said...

that is SUPER sweet!

Joanna Goddard said...

oh my goodness, his little face is so sweet!!!

Geisslein said...

oh such a cutie!