Creative chaos

The countdown is on....
so busy getting ready for the
creative connections show.
Jo and her team came up 
with a great idea...a large
collage of women creating.
So I have started taking a few
pictures to contribute...

This is Payell, my high school superstar.
Her last day was friday, back to school.
She is amazing and talented, we are 
going to miss her.
 Julie....wonder woman...
She can do anything!  Cook, dance and sing besides
create amazing displays and paint and draw.  Here she
is working on our Hutch Sign.  Newspaper and cardboard
base that is then painted with acrylics. Which she 
mixes to match a selected pallat and then applies
like watercolor.
 Here I am in all my creative chaos.
It drives me crazy because I can't find anything.
But, I just don't have time to stop and clean.
I am easily distracted so I am working on 4-5
things at the same time.
 A cute little purse for the show.
My sister said, "Now I know what
happened to grandpa's golf pants!"
Hey houndstooth is not just for 
 A new piece of art.  Not really sure what
this guy is.  Suppose to be a kitty, but could
be a fox too...hey it's just art....subjective right.


Marilyn said...

Of course art is subjective. Love the little purses too.

naturallife2 said...

Hey those little purses look like Kari's big purse! And I know someone in China that has one too! :)
Hi Krys! Taking a little break by looking at your blog. I look forward to creating treasures with you! More to come on that subject soon!

The Little Red Shop said...

Oh, what fun, Krys! I was fixin' to head to the show too...but my MN Auntie is coming here instead. Have a wonderful time in Minnesota!

: )

Julie M.