Sam has a sleepover

Well, we had our first 
sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's
house without mom and dad.
  We did great.  Discovery...
Sam likes cartoon's.  
He is sitting on grandpa's lap and mesmerized.
He eventually conked out...it was all just a little
to much.  Look at his arms, isn't he just a little
man.  I put this outfit on him after mom and
dad left.  They thought it was too girly, Sam
liked it I could tell.
It isn't as girly as this.....
He is my fit model at the moment, so I 
needed him to try on a new dress.
We'll bring this picture out when 
he is a senior in high school...for the
year book.

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Marilyn said...

Love it! We use to use boys sometimes for girl fit models too when I worked at a children's company. Too cute. Like you said, he will not love it in about 15 years.