gettin on a jet plane leavin my baby behind

It is down to the wire.
Leaving for the creative connections
show in Minnesota tomorrow.
I don't know about other
crafty people but I get more 
creative towards the end of 
the journey...which leads to
frenzy, chaos and a mess,
since I run out of time.

 I had a little break on Saturday.
A visit from my favorite boy
 Sam will be 3 months old tomorrow.
Some big changes...the head is less wobbly
and he giggles.  This boy is ticklish and
he can giggle like no tomorrow.
My daughter-in-law volunteered to
come help me at the show.  So we are
Sam with Daddy-Nanny....

This picture is a couple of
weeks old.  Right after he had
gotten home from Alaska. The facial
 hair is  gone and he is much perkier.
According to my son he now leaves
mom in the dust when it comes to
changing a diaper.
See...daddy has stepped up to the plate
with his little man.  Sam thinks he is oh
so funny....daddy.

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