Trash to treasure

I have never been one to celebrate my birthday.
I just don't need all that attention like I did 
when I was two.  I don't need anything and
I don't want my kids to spend there money on
getting me something.  My guy is a gem...he
doesn't really follow holidays.  He thinks if 
you need a holiday, (like valentines day) to show
someone you love them...what the heck are you doing
those other 364 days in the year.  So I really never
know what to expect.  One year I will get a trip to
Italy...the next year zippo.
Well this year for my B day he went all out
and I love it.
He knows I am in a recycling frame of mind.
So he rescued this part from a dumpster.
Now this is not just any dumpster but..
at Dale Chihully's studio. ( Did I mention
my guy is a photographer?) He had been
shooting there for a week and found this.
It is the inside of an industrial vacuum cleaner.
It is so cool.  After 13 years he still knows how
to charm me.

as a footnote I
did receive this from my
bunny sister Jeanne
I love it.  I love her art.  There is just something
that is in a piece of art, a part of that person.
That is why I guess I make things because I want
to give a part of myself away.  Well anyway,
this is a part of Jeanne and I will treasure it always.

And from my other sister
And here I will quote
"I thought this would be the best thing to
give for a sore and tired old crafter."
She has the gift of wit...

Oh and from another bunny sister Dana
A beautiful wooden bowl made by
her kind and generous hubby....
He found the one with the most
"unusual characteristics".  They know
me so well.
Thank-you all!
I will take a picture of it and post.
It sits right by our beautiful Buddha.
All in all a happy 55!


GardenGirl said...

love it...happy birthday!

deb @ garden party ;)

Jill in Snohomish said...

Wow, you were totally spoiled. Love the artwork from hubby! Thanks for the note back Krys on the squirrel. I will for sure check in at the Hutch. The sweater ball is awesome too.

Relyn said...

Isn't it marvelous when our friends know us so well. Such a blessing. Happy, happy birthday to you.

Marilyn said...

It sounds like it was a wonderful birthday. Each gift was so special. I always appreciate those gifts that have thought put to them and these definitely were thoughtful.
Happy year ahead!

Diane said...

Happy Belated Birthday Krys! I am a happy 53 year old (as of August 29th)!! Life is indeed grand =)