It takes a mess to make a statement

I got the booth for Creative Connections
shipped yesterday.  
What a mess...I started cleaning
at 1:00, went until 7:00
and I have to finish today. 
Ready for round two...all
the things I didn't get done that
I will take with me on the plane.

Here are a few... I did get finished.

Back to the workshop.


Beth E-R said...

I LOVE seeing your messy studio! I know the more creative I get, the more the supplies get pulled out of their tidy little storage areas and left in helter skelter spots. And your finished projects are absolutely charming. Have a splendid time at the CC.

KLT said...

I love that little snail guy! Hope you have a fun time Krys. My studio is looking very similar right now. :)

Marilyn said...

Happy travels! Love seeing your mess and the booth is going to be spectacular. You will definitely get alot of notice. I am so in love with the little snail on spools. What a clever idea.

Anonymous said...

LOVE these! Hope you'll take lots of pics of your booth.
~ Zuzu

krys kirkpatrick said...

Thank-you all. I spent 14 hours in my make shift studio in the garage in Kirkland. Ready to go again today though!

Jill in Snohomish said...

Hi Krys: I must have your squirrel. He would look great with the one I bought from you at Farm Chicks! Where can I buy him ? You are amazing.

Relyn said...

Oh, oh! I want to go shopping. NOW!! At your place.

krys kirkpatrick said...

Sorry Jill I have shipped all the squirrels to Minnesota.
When I get back I will make more. You can call and bug Chris at Hutch and he will keep reminding me. We will make some for Hutch though.