finding things

I seem to spend a lot of 
time looking for things.
I spent all day friday cleaning
my mess. 
This picture was in my
collection of over 6000 pictures 
I have on my computer.
I have a file of images, put into
categories.  Then I have a file
of images that need to be categorized.
Guess which file is larger.
I looked and looked for this picture 
the other day.
Finally found it 3 days later.
I love it.
It fits my theme of the 
creative connections booth.
Birds and nests.
 and owls of course.


Marilyn said...

I can totally see why you would want to find these pictures. They are wonderful, especially the one with the baby in the nest. Love it!

Relyn said...

... And then there is your blog banner... OH my! You've got talent!