Bunny sista

I visited my Bunny Sista's 
blog this morning.
She posted a picture of 
Dr. Ester Chin.  This is an idea
we threw around a few years ago.
All three of us are going through 
Menopause...we thought Dr. Chin
would be a great idea for a card line
about this challenging time of life.
I love her.  Her helper is 
a chicken.  And when she
thinks she pull on the hair 
from the mole on her chinny chin chin.


Beth E-R said...

Please sign me up to be one of Dr. Chin's patients. Yesterday I found two giganticaly long hairs sprouting out of my chin! I swear they weren't there the day before. So many surprises (way more good than bad) at this stage of life.

Marilyn said...

Another clever idea. Dr. Chin is so perfect. I just love the creative energy that you all have there.

Relyn said...

I spotted your avatar picture on another blog and had to come see who had such a great image to represent them. I'm so glad I've come. Hello, my funny new imaginary friend.

natalia carlota vallejos said...

muy bello dibujo, me encanta !!!