rubber stamp chaos

I must have 7 sets of alphabet stamps.
But...can never find an A or an E.
So I organized them.  I have 7---Z's
I have 1---H.  How does that happen?
I think someone should invent a way
to keep the things organized.  
Each row is one letter.  So you can see...
I have bought a few sets.  The clusters in the
back...all the extra stuff you never use, hearts...
And of course now it is a mess again because
 I transported it from Kirkland to Anacortes.


Relyn said...

I'm laughing with recognition here. It's not the same, but my e, n, a, and h have all rubbed off my keyboard. Same thing. Must just be the letters we use the most. We both suffer from mysterious disappearing letter syndrome. Must be cousin to the sock monster phenomena.

Marilyn said...

I have been tempted many times to buy letter sets. You have just tempted me again. I am with Relyn on the letters on the keyboard that rub off. I miss them, but have them memorized.