On the Road...still

I just finished the Country Living show here in
Columbus Ohio.  Whew!  What a whirlwind.
I met some of the coolest, kindest, funniest women
to date, (besides my girls at home.)  I just
kept saying to myself,
 "I have met my tribe."
We are all on the same creative journey...we
get where we come from and where we want
to go.  And the ride we are on is so splendid
and fulfilling.

When I left home I forgot my phone charger.
And now I see I forgot to bring my cord to
Starbucks here in Columbus to upload my
pictures off my new IPhone 4.  So I can't 
do that until tomorrow... I leave for 
Jacksonville Florida in a couple of hours.
(that is another story)
So I took a visit...to Hutch Studio Facebook land.
Look at these very groovy pictures from our
amazing Chris Theiss....
This last picture is what Chris and
I are doing with Hutch.  Promote it
and show people just how unique it is.
Thanks Chris for more inspiration.

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Marilyn said...

Another show I would love to attend. Alot of work, but it sounds so fun. I miss being around creative juices.