on the road

I am in Columbus Ohio to 
do the Country living show.
Sitting at Starbucks for the
fee Internet.
Here is some art I whipped 
up in my 2 days at home to
bring here.  

I am excited.  Jen is great...such enthusiasm
We leave to set up in about 20 minutes...
So I gotta go.  


Brenda said...

LOVING the new art! SOooo cute.

Marilyn said...

Have fun! Love each and everyone of those art pieces, but especially the humor of the second one.

Dorene Elizabeth said...


Beth E-R said...

You have been busy! The Creative Connection sounds like it was splendid. I'll be waiting to hear about your adventure at the Country Living Fair.

Shelly said...

Hi Krys,,,,,,,

Questions for you??? I have a neighbor that is looking for Excutive Christmas Gifts for appx 25 women,,,,,,,,

I kind of suggested doing the "Bunnies" adult robes. Can they/do they come in sizes?

She's thinking appx $100 per gift item.....email me let me know IF the Robes are still available,,,,,,,and do "we" do them through Joyworks,,,,,,,,,whatever....You can buy me lunch or dinner IF she places an order....LOL She's concerned though, that ONE SIZE does NOT fit ALL........

Nice order if it works....I'm thinking! 25 Robes.

Email me @Shelly39wa@aol.com and let's see if we can put this order together!

Hugs and love!

(Hope you're having a blast with the Grandbaby! I am SO jealous!!)

malia said...

Krys I love your new work... whimsical and pretty! xoxo Malia

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Lovely pictures

Aliesha said...

So excited about the beautiful drawing I bought from you yesterday at the fair...wishing I'd gotten that giraffe too! :)

I adore your creations!!

Nancy said...

I'm sitting here, looking at the piece I bought from you today - I absolutely love it! It was great meeting you today .. and seeing your wonderful art! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Jen - Earth Angels said...

I love all that you did and the energy you broguht to the Tent at The FDair...it simply would not have been the smae without you....cannot wait to see you in Atlanta...keep drawing xxoo