We have just finished the creative connections event.
In my opinion it was an overwhelming success.
It is not about the money that you get by selling our
wares...it is about connecting with this talented
band of women, who are willing to help each other.
Jo and Nancy our hosts...Thank-you for being the
 beautiful, kind, generous
and authentic spirits that you are.

It was a show that lived up to it's title.
I felt connected.
Connected to the women that attended,
the vendors, volunteers, Judy the UPS
Lady...I would like to call out Darla who 
put up with my phone calls and pestering.

But most of all....I want to thank my
beautiful and generous daughter-in-law, Brenda.
I was the social butterfly...she did all the work.
When I did show up at the booth, everyone I met
told me how charming, kind, darling and helpful she was.
Bren...you are my daughter and I love you.
And look how organized....keeping track of business cards for me.
I am so humbled by the women who 
bought my little pictures. 
  To all of you...the etsy
girls....my neighborhood girls....
my blogging buddies I finally met....the 
ladies who bought, those who heaped
compliments on my little cardboard booth
and Jen, (you girlie.... are an earth angle.)
I love you all.


The Little Red Shop said...

Yeah! How wonderful! Have a safe trip home.

: )

Julie M.

ps A little neighbor girl stopped by my shop yesterday with her friends and bought one of your wee rattles for her pregnant teacher. I thought that was happy.

Marilyn said...

Oh I would have loved the creative energy. I really must go to something like this sometime. How fun! Will we be seeing something in a magazine?

Jen - Earth Angels said...

well well Krys...11 years and lots of bunnies later we have come full circle....I am simply enthralled that fate is so sweet.. see you in Columbus and looking forward to wonderful things together...xxoo

wadev said...

So excited to connect with you and Brenda, Krys! You make fun dinnermates and cocktail reception buddies. I am planning to attend TCC next year - how about the two of you? And yes... I'm still interested in your corrugated products for wholesale. And yes... I still need Brenda's (or your) address so I can send her something. My email address is below for you, Krys.

Brenda said...

So so excited for you. You deserve it ALL. Love you too. BIG hugs and CONGRATS!!!!

Honey Lamb and I said...

It was so great meeting you in person!!! Your booth was GORGEOUS!!!

Dorene Elizabeth said...

I was there at Creative Connections and I bought a few items. I love what you are doing and Brenda is just the sweetest. She's a great salesperson too. Look forward to seeing some more of your artwork!

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Krys! It was so nice meeting you and Brenda too! I felt awful the day after we met because I came to the handmade market to try to find you guys and for some reason... didn't!!! I truly hope if we meet again, I will be able to enjoy your lovely artwork. Have a great week!

Cottage by Design with Trish Banner said...

Hi there
Just found your blog and wanted to say thank you so much for sharing you story. Amazing pictures not just of your work (so super cute... the colors, the expressions on their faces, the delicate pen lines) but the people and places you encounter along the way...grandbaby (those cheeks!), your booth set up (so magical), Hutch creator (out of cardboard?). Love it all!

Anonymous said...

hi krys, I have never blogged before, sent you a message yesterday after fumbling along to try to set up an acct for myself...wasn't even sure if I was successful. So I am sending another to ask you if you still have the painting of the little girl and piggy wearing pretty dresses?

Thanks, Jean(brand new blogger)