Yep this is my story


Marilyn said...

I love reading your story. It often is true that someone inspired us as a child to create. My aunt was that for me. But in my heart I was always making little things and enjoying the out of doors too. I once made an airplane from a box and thought I could fly; so off the garage roof I flew. For a moment my heart flew with the birds and I had joy in my heart. Fly away and travel safely. Laugh and enjoy the adventure.

natalia carlota vallejos said...

I enjoing reading,my english is not good...but I understand.
Sometimes I visit your blog and love your things,so...be happy and congratulations !!!!

Alisson said...

Hi Krys! I too was a vendor at the market and loved your booth and art! Always lovely to put a face to a blog and art! Hope you have a great day!
Artsy Fartsy

Auntie Joy said...

I love your story, and your art.