Itsy bitsy spider...dadada

It had been three weeks since
I had seen SAM.  In that time
he can rollover, grab and
play with toys.  His cheeks are
fuller and his little body is filling out 
too.  He giggles and is so inquisitive.
Drinking his bottle he swivels his head
so he can see what is going on all the time.
We had an overnight visit.  When mom
and Dad left...he cried for an hour.  I 
stayed calm.  We bounced and rocked and walked
and I got my granny aerobics in.
  The payoff... to all his lung exercises...
He slept 10 straight hours! But...he was
so well rested,
The next day....he slept maybe 30 minutes
all day. 
 We sang and read books.
Let's see my version of 
 The itsy bitsy spider went 
up the water spout...
down came the rain
that washed the spider out
.the spider won't do that again.

I need to brush up on my baby poetry.
Or better yet...time to come up with some 
new ones. Just so it won't drive you
 crazy here are the lyrics...
And my baby had a birthday
yesterday.   She is 25....still
cute as a dumpling.


Zuzu said...

He is getting so big!!! :)

Happy Birthday to your daughter!
~ Zuzu

Marilyn said...

So cute and it sounds like you are loving every moment of the itsy bitsy spider times.

cheryl kuhn said...

He is such a little cutie, takes after his grandma for sure!!