O.K. it's October

I found this last year on a blog
and thought it was so cool.
I want to make it.
I like a Halloween that makes you
laugh....not creepy, bloody and scary.
But then again....
I got caught up in the whole artist expression
in Ohio.  Just when you think Country is dead
it rears it's tattered, rusty head.
Yes there were those icky smelling candles,
But...also yummy pumpkin bread.
I am just a recycled shrimp here.
Sweater and purse all repurposed.
My kids thought I looked cute,
David thought....ummmmm not so good.
The Earth Angel girls are very fashionable.
They dress like their art.  I definitely need
to upgrade my wardrobe.  I think losing
a few, pumpkin bar created pounds would help.
 Jennifer Lanne....a doll, nice and so talented.
Jody Battaglia..adorable and funny.

 Melody Elizabeth  a walking testimony to her art...so cool 
 Here we are...I am the one with the carrot tattoo.
 Here are some fashionistas at the show.


The Kramer Angle said...

I'm with your kids - you look adorable!

Marilyn said...

How fun! There are days when I wish I could lose those chocolate bars and be more of a fashionista.