Finally did it

Weighing heavy on my mind,
getting my Finders Keepers space
decorated for the holiday.
I had to have my dude drive me
to Marysville to accomplish my 


 I had to rush because of the weather.
Forgot to take pictures so I ran back
inside with my iphone.  I must have
been moving because some are out of
focus....sorry.  But you get the jist of it.

On the top are little paper houses that
you put a battery operated light.
They say, " HOME SWEET HOME."
Second shelf
on the left are soup cans...decoupaged and holding a paper flower.
On the right are candles.
Next shelf on left are large candles wrapped in cloth and have an ornament attached.
"Jolly Good Winter"
Other than the snowmen,
I think these are all celebration of
The season which lasts a lot longer
than just Christmas.
I love this fabric.  It is called Harem cloth.
It is heaver and cooler than cheesecloth.
I dipped in in coffee...love it!
These are cute magnets.
Here is an overall Fuzzy view.
Paper chains take a long time to do!
The red balls say, "I believe" and have yarn
and fabric trim.
The package you see in front  started this whole thing.
It is a bingo card wrapped in ribbon, that I think would
be cute hung like a picture.  I have a better photo on
my camera, that has a dead battery at the moment.
And of course the charger is in Anacortes....
I am in Kirkland.


malia said...

LOVE it all Krys! Lovely. And your snowman art on your banner is so fun... Stay Warm! xoxo Malia

andrea creates said...

looks great!
snow already?!
stay warm :)

Marilyn said...

Just lovely! I really need to buy something from you that says "I Believe". Believe is going to be my words for 2011. Yes, I do believe you have created magic here.

AuroraSuzette said...

It looks very pretty. Quite worth the effort I'd say. I'll have to check out Harem cloth.

GardenGirl said...

You're on my site;)
deb @ Garden Party

Barbara Jean said...

Fun blog.
glad you came to my place so I found you!!

Love the little tree in top post. wish i could see it better.


barbara jean

FrenchGardenHouse said...

okay, SO cute!! Wish I could pop in to see it in person. xo Lidy