I allowed myself 30 minutes to
check out some of my favorite 
blogs before I head out the door.
Found this on Jen's blog.
She did a very sweet blurp on me.
Also check out more information
about the show in Tustin.


Molly Morris said...

I really want to buy a piece of your work as I saw your booth in Atlanta. I cannot find where I can actually purchase your work. Can you assist? Thanks!

Shelly said...

Ackkkkkk! Snowin' Here like Crazy and I don't even have all the Pumpkins and Gourds off the porch!

Got my Turkey at least and none of us will starve if we get Snowed our iced in! What is UP with this, this Early???

K,,so here is the deal, my dear. I'm all about these "Mini Top Hat" headbands I've been making,,,,,too fun! And then the "Stinkin' Badges I made for Silver Bella when over big.......

So, I'll make you ONE of your choice! I'm all about Variety, so pick Colors you'd like and a Hat/headband or a funky badge,,,my gift to you! And Gold or Silver Glitter?

Check out my sidebar for examples and email me @ Shelly39WA@aol.com with your choice of colors AND an Addy to ship it to!

Hugs, Love and Happy Holidays Krys!

natalia carlota vallejos said...

beautiful kris !!!!

krys kirkpatrick said...

Hey Molly,
Yes absolutely....Jen from Earth Angels has everything that I did for the shows. You can see it on her site http://www.earthangelstoys.com/ I also have a few pieces at Hutch Studio which is my shop. I will get those on my blog or the hutch blog soon. But, call Jen she has about 30 pieces. Thank-you so much....