Cover boy

My little Sam 
on the cover of
our Spring 2011

This is a special catalog
for us...

It is our 25th anniversary

The year of the Rabbit

and my little boo boo.


Brenda said...

AH! So cute!

Nancy said...

Too freakin' cute, Krys!!! He makes a perfect cover....so special.
Happy Holidays!
XO Nancy

Marilyn said...

My goodness but he is sweetness! Definitely a little squishy boo boo you have there. The cover is perfect and congratulations on 25 years. Amazing!

Amanda said...

He is the cutest little chap, isn't he? Just Gorgeous. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

paperbird said...

ok that is the sweetest picture ever- he is a beautiful baby boy.

Take care and enjoy these beautiful days of december!

JoAnn S. said...

so glad I discovered your blog, Years ago I had someone at a gift show order a special picture that was to be given to you or your sister. It said Best Friends and was a fabric collage. I cant remember which of you got the gift??? I have loved Bunnies by the Bay for years, just too cute....hugs JoAnn S

angela hardison said...


Sarah said...

Oh Krys...that is the cutest shot..creation ever..what a cutie patootie!!! Going off to see the site next!
I adore your whimsical drawings..so sweet and wonderful!
Thank you for popping by my blog and staying for a bit..so glad ya did! Thank you also for your sweet words!
Namaste, Sarah

Ginger said...

What a little sweetie.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
I love your designs. I'll be adding your blog to those I follow.

JoAnn S. said...

I remember who I made the collage for it was Illona ? Steelhammer for one of you lol hugs JoAnn