Contest ends friday

Don't forget to enter the contest
We all need a cute little home
on our mantel.


Vintage Home said...

OH my Goodness...Thanks for dropping by!..
I have been to your store more times than I can remember!...Our girls (20 & 21) still ask about it and we will go again soon!.....
Love your little house & your blog is delightful!

Fräulein Klein said...

Oh, I love this cute little house! What a great idea!!!!!
Big Hugs,

Shelly said...

Hi Sweet Friend!
I was GOING to post this two days ago and got "Snowed Under" getting ready for the Open House/ Holiday Hair Gala I was involved in yesterday!

So, NOW! I'm going to post on my Sidebar and do a quick post addendum!

Hope you got your package...
Hugs & Love,

And your Grandbaby on the Cover! Shut up! Too too cute! Perfect!

Alisson said...

What a wonderful little house! I have a love of houses and the shape of houses...I use them all the time in my art, weather it's sewing, collage, paper crafts, etc! So know that this little home will go to a good home. And just a quick note, I met you at the Creative Connection and loved your booth! I was a vendor too!
Artsy Fartsy

Tamara said...

Love YOUR blog, too! And I became a "follower" . . . so sign me up for the contest for your fabulous little house!!!

Diane said...

Hi Krys