Just for fun
17 and 16
We are now 55 and 54.
Life is so much 

I am on the left.
This was around 1972.
She was the cheerleader,
homecoming queen, dating
the football hero, ( whom she
married and still married 34 years later)
I was a waitress, dating a lost soul
and tortured by the world.
We are so different....
But we have been in business
together for 25 years.
We do disagree,
Whether it is your blood
sister or another woman
who comes into your life
 and is like a sister....


Marilyn said...

How special to share this love with your sister.

Naturally Carol said...

Thanks for popping in today...my sister and I are different but somewhat the same as well..those photos are great!

Juniper said...

What beauties! I agree whole heartedly with what you wrote, I love my sisters dearly but there are a few friends I have made throughout my life who have become just as important and close to my heart.

Amanda said...

How lovely to see these photos! You're very lucky to have each other. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

diane cook said...

I love this post! I love this picture, and it made me think about a best friend from so long ago....and I love your blog header Krys =))

krys kirkpatrick said...

Thank-you. It is nice to wake up to friendly faces on this cold and windy morning. Time for cocoa.

Deb Kennedy said...

...and you are both still just as beautiful, if not MORE so! Clearly, Love is one of your family traits. <3 Happy Holidays, Kris!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

What a wonderful post, so well said!

Simona said...

How sweet!
What nice pictures and what a beautiful friendship!