It amazes me

When we were flying to California
last week, this little girl was carrying
one of our pink bunny buddies.
Her mom said they love 
Bunnies By The Bay!
It was early and she was cranky...
so she ran away while I tried
to take her picture.
When I saw her later she was clutching
poor bunny by his ear and he was dragging
the ground.  Well loved though.  

Our buddies where one of the first
items we created when we switched
from making Bunnies to Baby.

my sister had her favorite blankie
and she loved the satin edge.
We are only 14 months apart..
as much as she was, (and still is)
mellow and calm...I was the total
drama queen...bossy and had to have
my own way.  Nothings changed.


Marilyn said...

I am so excited to be giving one of your pink bunnies to a special baby. It is in the mail and I can't wait to hear how they love it. Baby is due momentarily. Her mama is my namesake.

Kim G. said...

My little Audrey is five and has slept every night with her pink bunny "Flop" in her hands since she was 6 months old, My son Strauss has the frog "Froggy" and it is his bed time companion aslo. I don't know what we would do without Froggy and Flop! They are wonderful!