A year ago I rented out my house.
A year for me to decide what I wanted to do.
I have discovered...that it feels good, not to
have to take care of another house.  
I live in Kirkland part of the week.  That is
more housework than I already want to do.
I am going to put my

beach house

 on the market.

If you know of anyone who would like to 
live in the Beautiful San Juan Islands
in Washington state.
send them my way.


Marilyn said...

Oh my goodness! Someone will get a real treasure. I would love living in a place like this. A real beauty.

JodyC said...

ummmm.. looks like a dream to me!

gretchen said...

I'm sure that had to be a very difficult decision to make...it's a beautiful place and someone else will love it just as much.

Amie said...

That is my "dream" house. I'm prone to those tiny places on Alki beach - before they started tearing them down & putting up condos (sniff sniff). Someone is going to be very lucky imo.

Kelley said...

Gorgeous! I looked online but couldnt find a mls listing. Would you mind emailing me some details? Thank you!