cool stuff in the rain and cold

I had an appointment in
Freeland yesterday.
That is on the southern tip
of Whidbey Island.
On my way back I stopped in at a
very cute fabric shop. 
She had a great selection for such a
tiny shop.
Mostly Moda...
which I love.

Anyway in the parking lot
on the side of an auto body shop
were these.
Driftwood arbors.  I love them.
All the old twigs from last season
twisted and tangled in the

And the fact that they are attatched to the side
of a chippy old white building was a bonus!

Coupeville was quaint and charming.
Even on a rainy and cold winter day...
you can find the beauty that is there
if you care to look.


diane cook said...

I love the twig arbors .... they are divine krys =)

Marilyn said...

The twig arbors are delightful! I know if I showed my husband he would be out there making them. We have some many twigs fall from our tree. What a fun adventure to Whidby. Next time I am there I will be looking for the twig arbors.

Retreat said...

Krys, there was a ranger stationed on Whidbey who made & sold those driftwood trellises at the Coupeville Farmer's Market for a few years... we bought some from him in 2007. I used them in retail displays for a few years, then I sold them at the BarnHouse show in 2009 and I wish I hadn't! He's no longer selling them there. So, I guess I need to start gathering driftwood here on Camano to make more!

Deb @ Retreat