bunnies are taking over

We have a new bunny store.
Well...a bunny store...in a store.
Jeanne our fearless and sleepless
leader...set it up with a little help
from some energizer bunnies.
In Hang Zhou China.

 We are very popular there.
Add on to that...it is

 the year of the RABBIT.

It is our 25th anniversary,



Our little Sam 
and Marley are


Momichka said...

Congratulations and lots of success in the Year of the Rabbit :)
All the best,


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your bunny store...I love those baby pastels! What cute little customers you have as well!

Marilyn said...

Gorgeous! How exciting to have the shop open in China. Congratulations!

Nancy said...

WONDERFUL!!! Heartfelt congratulations...have loved your Bunnies since you first started creating them. Drove over from my home in Oak Harbor to purchase one. What a blessing to see your labors produce such happiness for all to enjoy.
XO Nancy

gretchen said...

Oh, my...that face. He's just darling.
Congrats on the store in the store!

krys kirkpatrick said...

Thank-you all for your comments....It has been a long 25 years ....in the making. We have had so much help and I work with the most amazing people. To have Sam as a model is just the frosting on the cake!