We stayed up past Midnight

we don't do anything on
new years.
This year we went out.
We stayed up until 
Dinner at Matt's at the Market
 A beautiful sunset
the next day at 
RAY'S in Ballard.


Anonymous said...

You are better than me...we only made it until 11....we celebrated in the Eastern Time Zone lol

What a glorious sunset!!

Jana said...

Happy New Year!
Maybe I'll see you in Atlanta...

Marilyn said...

Happy New Year!
How fun to celebrate the night. We usually stay home, but this year we did go out for awhile and it felt so good. Love the sunrise!

Amanda said...

Beautiful photos Krys! In case you think I'm being very rude not mentioning the little house...I haven't received it yet. I think it must be snarled up somewhere in the Christmas post. I'm very excited about it! Lots of love, Amanda xxxx

Brenda said...

2AM! Nice work Grammy ;) You beat me...I was out at 12:30...Tyler beat you though (shocking right?!).

Happy New Year.

Kim Hanauer said...

What a beautiful sunset... Thanks for sharing! Your blog is wonderful, you are so talented.
Happy New Year~
Kim :0)

malia said...

you are adorable! happy new year xoxo