Fit model

I have been so busy.
I am leaving to go on vacation
on Saturday...so I need to get
the Fall Line done for Bunnies.
wanting to spend as much
time with Sam as possible...

He is a willing and happy
Dad might not like this.

Tu-Tu cute.
Year book picture?


Marilyn said...

Too cute! I do remember using fit models when I worked for children's company and doing just that same thing. Oh yes, save for the yearbook for sure. Just smiling!

gretchen said...

so cute!

tchesney said...

Now that is what bribes are made of...just wait til he is a teen, you will definitely get your say with that pic in hand! He is just so darn cute!!!

Brenda said...

SO stinkin cute! He always has so much fun at Grammy & Grammpy's!

Kickcan and Conkers said...

I have been dreaming about your house by the sea for sale. I'd love to know more. where is it? price, etc. I could maybe put it on my blog? The views look gorgeous, I'm intrigued.