House pictures

I took these pictures the other day.
My snowy beach house.
(which could be yours...if you so choose.)

 It is pretty even if it is 
28 degrees.
 This was taken from the deck at bunnies.
It was so cool.
I didn't leave the building the
whole week.
I worked 16 hour days.
So I could go on vacation.
By the time your ready to leave on vacation

  Wow...you really need it.

And speaking of vacation
This was our sunset the second night.
The first night we were in bed before
the sun had a chance to set.
Trying to catch up on some
much needed zzzzz's.
My guy and I are in Maui.

It is heaven.


Marilyn said...

What a contrast from snow on the deck to sun in Hawaii. Have a wonderful time.

nance marie said...

thanks for adding to the comment poem.
such fun when people add their lines!

have a wonderful maui rainbow time. feel the sand between your toes.

lulu said...

I love Maui. If I could go to Maui for a month I would stop yelling at old ladies. Maybe.

Jen - Earth Angels said...

love to you xxoox
sending best and brightest and warmest thoughts
cannot wait to open the boxes in FL xoxox

koralee said...

Oh sweet friend...I would love to buy your sweet home...sending you sunshine love

Kickcan and Conkers said...

is it OK for me to post a couple of photos of your house with a link? Maybe this weekend?