The Farm Chicks Antiques Show

I am going to be here.
Are you?
June 4-5
Spokane WA


andrea creates said...

i wish, but unfortunately not this year...
have fun there :)

lulu said...

Yes,yes,yes. It makes me giddy happy to be there! And I'll get to see you.

Auntie Joy said...

Such a sweet video, it certainly shows the essence of the show! I can't wait to go, more fun than Christmas if you ask me!

Shelly said...

You KNOW it Girlfriend! Can't wait to see what you create!!

(Hope you enjoyed our brief reprieve from the Rain!)

Hugs and Love,

Marilyn said...

Oh, I wish to be there, but not sure. I will be away so much for the next few months I may be tired of traveling. I know it will be a good one for sure.